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Walkabout Mini Oxygen System
A Best Seller! The Walkabout Mini with a 3 to 1 conservor and an 'M-6' tank (164 liters) is one of the lightest and most affordable portable oxygen systems. It weighs just over 3.5 lbs, but will provide over 4 hours of oxygen at 2 lpm! The conservor delivers true 3:1 conservation. It uses standard single lumen cannulas, just like on your oxygen concentrator. The super sturdy design enables the manufacturer to give you a full 2-yr warranty. Simple controls. . Includes Conserving Regulator, Shoulder Bag, 'M-6' O2 Tank (empty), Nasal Cannula
Introductory Price! - $355.00

Walkabout 1 Oxygen System
The Walkabout 1 is extremely small, lightweight and long-lasting. Utilizing a high-quality conservor-regulator and a 'C' (240 liters) O2 tank. It provides 3:1 conservation, meaning that you can get 6 hrs, 10 minutes of oxygen from a single 'C' tank. Weighs less than 5 lbs. Full 2-yr warranty. Includes Conserving Regulator, 'C' O2 Tank (empty), Shoulder Bag, Nasal Cannula
Introductory Price! - $359.00

Walkabout 2 Oxygen System
An relatively lightweight and long-lasting portable oxygen tank system. Utilizing a slightly larger tank, the 'D' size (415 liters), the Walkabout 2 will provide 10.5 hours of oxygen at 2 lpm. Yet it weighs just 6 lbs. Full 2-yr warranty. Includes Regulator/Conservor, 'D' Tank (empty), Shoulder Bag and Nasal Cannula
Introductory Price! - $365.00

DeVilbiss PD1000 Oxygen Conserving Device
The DeVilbiss PD1000 is a breakthru in oxygen conserving devices. It is a very small conservor - lightweight (just 16 oz) and compact (just 3.4" x 2.8" x 4.75"). Simple, easy to use design has a single control knob, and provides 8 settings from 1-6 lpm. Quiet operation. Uses a standard single-lumen cannula, same as on your oxygen concentrator. Impact-resistant materials used in the outer casing make the unit both very durable and also attractive. Continuous flow setting @ 2 lpm. It offers true 3:1 conservation, meaning any tank will last 3 times longer than with a continuous flow regulator.
Introductory Price! - $285.00

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