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Fire & Rescue Childrens Nebulizer Compressor

Lifetime Warranty with Carry Case, Reuseable NebKit & Childs Mask

kids nebulizer compressorThe Fire & Rescue Childrens Nebulizer Compressor makes nebulizer treatments more fun and interesting for your child! Wheels that actually roll and a ladder that will raise and lower. The Firetruck nebulizer compressor effectively delivers aerosol medications to children with asthma, while the design reduces your childs anxiety and keeps him/her interested during treatments. The cab of the firetruck raises, concealing a convenient storage compartment for your nebulizer kit and tubing. Durable, piston driven compressor is covered by a lifetime warranty. The Fire & Rescue Childrens Nebulizer comes with a jet nebulizer and childs mask making nebulizer treatment time less "alarming".

  • Strong, Efficient Childrens Compressor Nebulizes Any Medication - particle sizes .5 - 5 micron.

  • Reuseable Neb Cup holds up to 5 ml and has 7' tubing

  • Comes With Neb Kit, Tubing, Mouthpiece, and Pediatric Mask

  • Nebulizer Compressor Is Covered By A LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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