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The Fastest & Easiest Way To Refill Your Own Oxygen Tanks!

Finally, you can rapidly refill your own portable oxygen tanks! That's right, quickly refill virtually any size portable oxygen tank, safely and efficiently, in your own home. You'll never again have to wait on a delivery of portable oxygen tanks, just so that you can leave the house. Simply refill your own oxygen tanks every day, from your own oxygen-refill system. The I-Fill Refill System will refill an M-6 cylinder in just over an hour, a 'C' size cylinder in just 2 hours. Refill an extra-large 'E' size oxygen tank in only 6 hours.

FREEDOM! The DeVilbiss I-Fill is called a 'system' because you get everything you need! You get two lightweight aluminum I-Fill tanks, in the size you choose, as part of the system. Every I-Fill oxygen tank includes a built-on oxygen conserver that will make your portable tanks last 5 times longer. An M-6 tank (very small) can now last over 4 hours! An 'E' cylinder (larger) can last almost 30 hours. The oxygen conserver is included in your DeVilbiss I-Fill Refill System. A shoulder bag is included for M-6 or C size cylinders or a wheeled-cart to carry a D or E size tank. No oxygen concentrator is required (note the I-Fill is not for oxygen delivery direct from system - it's a refill station only). It's ALL INCLUDED in your DeVilbiss I-Fill Refill System!

The TOTAL O2 with TankBENEFITS! You can now generate your very own unlimited oxygen supply. No waiting for delivery persons or having to store a multitude of tanks in your home, just to have enough to last until the next delivery! Also, you can now have a constant oxygen supply, even in the event of temporary power outages. Purchase additional tanks and have one filling while you're out and active. This way, you always have a full tank ready. You are in complete control of your own oxygen supply!

  SAFE! Every DeVilbiss I-Fill Oxygen Tank Refill System is equipped with an Oxygen Purity Monitor. This electronic monitor constantly checks the purity of the oxygen filling the tanks, to make sure that it stays above 90%. Also, the system has an automatic 'Fill-Shut-Off', to prevent over-pressurization of the portable tank. The connections are simple to use and safe!

Complete DeVilbiss Oxygen Tank Refill System

Includes:Oxygen Tank Refill Station, Oxygen Conserver, Two Aluminum Tanks, Shoulder Bag or Cart


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