AirSep Newlife Elite Oxygen Concentrator

User Friendly! The NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrator produces from 1/2 to 5 liters per minute of therapeutic oxygen, with purity levels of up to 95.5%  The flowmeter is large and easy to read, with back-lines for accurate flow settings. With multiple built-in handles, this oxygen concentrator is easy to move or lift. The large casters glide easily over virtually any flooring surface.

Safe and Durable! The NewLife Elite uses a long-life Thomas Nexus compressor, designed to provide over 20,000 hours of use without servicing. For your safety, there are high and low pressure alarms, a loss-of-power alarm, and an optional oxygen purity alarm. On properly equipped units, the purity alarm constantly monitors the oxygen purity, insuring that it always remains in the therapeutic range. AirSep is the only manufacturer that includes a high-temperature shut-off switch outside the compressor, guarding against any overheating concerns.

Every new AirSep NewLife Elite comes with a top to bottom 5-year manufacturer's warranty! Every single component, including the compressor, is covered for both parts and labor for five full years.

Buy With Confidence! You can feel comfortable with your purchase from us! Our customer service staff has over 65 years combined experience in the respiratory homecare field. And when you call our toll-free hotline, you can usually speak with a registered Respiratory Therapist. We know concentrators inside out, top to bottom. So, if you have any questions or need any help, call and talk to an expert!. Repair manuals are available.

Airsep makes the perfect home concentrator, we make it affordable! Call our toll-free hotline with any questions, 1-888-255-2509

Weight-53 lbs, Dimensions- 28.5"h x 16"w x 14.5"d, Power Use- 350 Watts

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